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DVAI, the specialist of stainless steel cutting, proposes also the bevelling of cut items in stainless steel and in aluminium.  This cutting phase can be substituted to mechanical phases, principally for welding bevels.  Costs and realisation time are reduced comparing to the traditional way of manufacturing, that is to say, cutting and mechanical preparation.

DVAI can cut and bevel items with angles going from -45° to +45°, thanks to 2 cutting machines (plasma High Precision and Water Jet cutting machines).

PLASMA HP: evolutionary chamfer without welding bead

 chamfer for welding

DVAI is equipped with a plasma HP (high precision) cutting machine with a 5 axis head which permits to cut and chamfer directly your stainless steel pieces.  This technique is the best to prepare  welding chamfers with no bead.

The chamfer tolerances are the same as the tolerances in plasma cutting:  +/-2mm. 


WATER JET: evolutionary chamfer with welding bead

 chamfer or bevelling for welding

For a higher precision, DVAI has acquired a water jet cutting machine with a 5 axis head, ideal to realise more complex chamfers with welding beads.

The tolerances are tighter and more precise with the water jet cut technology than in the plasma cut technology.

In order to reduce costs, we can combine different cutting technologies.  The laser cut for straight cuts and water jet cut for the chamfers.

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