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DVAI cuts blanks in all types of geometric shapes and variations.

The cutting techniques we use include thermal processes such as plasma and laser cutting as well as abrasive water-jet cutting and sawing as “cold” technologies on the same production warehouse:


DVAI puts at your disposal a stock of more than 1000 tons stainless steel plates from European mills, exclusively for your orders.
The quality process is the same for all cutting technologies and is assured by our professional team:

  • Booking of your order on our production management system software
  • Complete contract review before the manufacture launching
  • Order acknowledgement sent by fax
  • Order launching to manufacturing
  • Piece drawing or client files importing (DXF or DWG)
  • Crossed controls at the technical department before the cutting programs generation
  • Manufacturing of the pieces
  • Piece marking according to our internal procedure
  • Piece preparation: fettling and grinding. Every delivered piece is fettled to assure your operator’s security for the further piece assembly.
  • Final inspection before shipment: marking and dimensional control.
  • Packing of the order: all the pieces are packed. The pallets are film-wrapped with thermo-retractable plastic and marked with DVAI scotch. The delivery note number is written down on the parcel.
  • Shipment: 3 means of conveyance are used every day:

        - Express courier service: all your parcels of less than 30kg are delivered the day after

        - National freight forwarding: your parcels of less than 250 kg are delivered within 48 hours

        - Freight: your parcels of more than 250 kg are delivered by a specially ordered freight truck

Since 1989, DVAI has been developping a reliable national freight forwarder network, giving priority to direct transports. 


DVAI uses efficient software for the pieces programming. Our software  permits customer’s files integration (DXF, DWG) as well as the optimization of the plates overlapping. Thus, we minimize the use of raw material.


Entrust us with your plates and we optimize their use for your orders. We manage your stainless steel plate stock for you in all transparency.

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