Professional teams

Stainless steel experts

Human sized company
DVAI aims to sustain its model of SMEs, and to bring forward a participative management style.

Thus, togetherness and strong team spirit enables the company to move forward and to grow in order to achieve its mission : satisfying its customers.
Moreover, this closeness is also present in the customer relationship through listening, offering customized and personalized monitoring of each customer and of their orders.

Sales team

Our sales team is available for the realization of your quotations and the monitoring of your orders.

More than a sales support, our team has a technical expertise. Thus they are able to bring you tips for selecting cutting technologies, the kind of your dished ends, or any necessary technical information.

Available daily from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to noon and 1:00 to 6:00pm, our staff is at your disposal to study your requests.
Tel.: +33(0)1 64 84 54 61
e-mail :

Manufacturing team

The production team is composed of professionals trained regularly with new technologies. Versatility is the key word in this team. Indeed, each operator is qualified to manipulate several machines. The strength of DVAI is not only based on the high tech machinery but also on humans, who remain the vital element of the company.

Working in two teams (2 x 8) ensures short lead times to our customers.

Logistics team

The logistics team is responsible for monitoring the planning of production and shipment of your orders. Working closely with our production partners and carriers, it is the guarantee of deadline compliance. DVAI selected recognized carriers on the market for their reliability and performance as TNT, Schenker , DHL ...