Openings for nozzles on dished heads

DVAI manufactures stainless steel bottoms and can cut openings for pipe connexions.
You have to communicate us the position of your openings up to 48h before the final deadline

  • Possible on any type of dished heads: GRC, PRC, flat heads, even on polished heads
  • Dished head pickling after opening for a better quality
  • Perfect symmetry between equal openings: ideal for double-jacket heads

Les avantages des ouvertures de fonds au jet d'eau

  • High precision
  • No tracing: Time-saving in workshop
  • Carrying out on production site: No impact on dished heads deadlines
ouverture fond de cuve

Technical features

Cutting process: plasma with digital control
Cutting tolerance: +/- 1mm + plasma forge draft
Capacity: head from D 100 up to D 3600 mm


Technical possibilities

  • Opening in a spherical radius
  • Cutting everywhere excepting on the knuckle radius and/or on the straight edge
ouverture jet d'eau fond de cuve

DVAI procedure

• We work from clients’ drawings or from clients’ files.
• We send you a request for agreement to launch the cutting.

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