About DVAI

DVAI offers laser cutting, water jet cutting, plasma cutting and sawing of stainless steel and aluminum.


Specialist of the tan heads and the dished heads, DVAI manufactures following the NFE81100 dished head, shallow head PRC, medium knuckle radius MRC, elliptical head with benefits of polishing and cutting openings for the connections. DVAI manufactures shells for stainless steel tank, cone and conical head.

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Company history

Since the creation of DVAI in 1989, the activity continues to grow.
The reasons ? An extremely large market that touches on different sectors :
Agrifood, cryogenics, chemistry, petrochemistry, pharmacy, and building, among others …


However, at the beginning, DVAI concentrates its activity around the trading of cut pieces and stainless steel profiles.
This allows him to discover and measure the needs of this market, which proves to be extremely promising.
Following this observation in 1994, the company is therefore launching into production in order to fully control the quality of products and the respect of deadlines.


From this year onwards, DVAI invests in an industrial building and, as it goes along, invests in more and more sophisticated machines and in the stock of stainless steel sheets in different shades.
On the other hand, DVAI also acquires an increasingly organized commercial structure, while remaining a human-sized company : DVAI now has about twenty employees.

Our strengths and our growth

DVAI has a stock of over one thousand tons of stainless steel sheet from certified European steel mills guaranteeing a high level of quality and compliance with the PED.
This asset makes it possible to guarantee to our customers products of good quality as well as short deadlines.
The other major asset of DVAI is its large machine park with unique capabilities in Europe for cutting and forming tank head.
In addition, ISO 9001 certification allows DVAI to be referenced in both traditional sectors and demanding sectors such as aeronautics, research, aerospace and nuclear.


On the other hand, the company, in recent years, does not stop at the French market and therefore expands beyond the borders, throughout Europe.

The key dates of DVAI

  • 1989 : Creation of DVAI
  • 1996 : Investment in a underwater CNC plasma cutting machine, saws and mills.
  • 1998 : Investment in dished ends manufacturing machines
  • 1999 : Investment in shells and dished ends polishing machines
  • 2002 : Investment in a 2D laser cutting machine and a press brake
  • 2006 : Investissement in a second 2D laser cutting machine
  • 2010 : Investment in a HD plasma cutting machine with bevel
  • 2011 : Investment in a 2D / 3D waterjet cutting machine 
  • 2014-2015 : Establishment of a stock of dished ends to meet tight deadlines
  • 2015 : Investment in a flat polishing machine
  • 2015: Creation of the cutting express service to meet the urgent needs of cut pieces.
  • 2017 : Investment in a laser welding machine for pillow plates manufacturing
  • 2018 : Investment in a optical fiber laser cutting machine
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