Our cutting machines

DVAI is the only company in France to cut stainless steel and aluminum with all cutting processes for stainless steel and a stock of 1000 tons of sheets and plates grouped into a single site. It is thus possible to group all the cut pieces from different technologies in a very short time.

Laser cut

2 laser cutting machines 6000 Watts thickness 25mm :

– 1 fiber laser machine 2500 x 6000 format
– 1 CO2 laser cutting machine 2000 x 6000 format

Water cur

1 water jet cutting machine 4.5m x 14m – 2 heads including 1 head 5 axes for chamfer cutting – 2 pumps of 4000 bars

Plasma cut

1 HD plasma cutting machine with 5-axis head 3.5m x 8,50m max.60mm

Saw cut

2 saw cutters for sawing rectangular dishes :

– 1 saw, maximum length of 6000 mm
– 1 saw, max length 1500 mm

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