Circular machine polishing

polissage sur fond de cuve inox

Dvai can polish tank heads

DVAI can polish both the interior and exterior of the dished ends to achieve a top-quality finish on the same production site. The polished surfaces will be protected with a plastic foil during the transport of the heads.
DVAI stocks cold rolled plates up to 6 mm, permitting machine polishing, even on thin thicknesses
DVAI can also polish shells inside and outside.

Technical features

2 polishing machines upon rotating table
Machine polishing from D.500 up to D.4500mm
Polishing of any piece with a circular form:

  • Discs
  • Dished heads
  • Flat heads
  • Conical heads
  • Shells (consult us)

DVAI realizes a polishing which guarantees you:

a grain (appearance criterion) : possibility up to GR320
a roughness : possible up to Ra = 0.4µm

Our services

Openings for nozzles


Edge machining

Klopper heads stock

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