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Dished heads thickness dimensioning

DVAI offers you a new service consisting on the thickness dimensioning for your vessel heads, torispherical heads (Klopper, Korboggen) and conical heads according the different construction standards.
A new and quick service for a minimal cost.

If you wish to know the necessary thickness for a dished head or conical head, please specify us:

  • the standard to use: CODAP, ASME, ADMerkblatt, EN…
  • the calculation conditions: pressure, temperature, corrosion degree, test conditions.
  • the profile of the dished head: klopper, korboggen, conical.
  • the stainless steel or carbon steel grade and its standard.

With all these data, DVAI will define the thickness for your stainless steel and carbon steel vessel heads and tank heads.


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