Cutting - Cutting equipments

In only one production site, DVAI gathers a wide range of cutting technologies, in order to guarantee you the best deadlines. DVAI restocks permanently its stainless steel stock, in order to be always able to guarantee you the best deadlines. DVAI invests permanently to enhance its machine park and always offers you the up to date technologies. Coming soon, a waterjet cutting machine.


 Plasma Equipments:

  • 1 water immersed plasma machine 4m x 14m, thickness up to 60mm

Sawing Equipments:

2 saws:

  • 1 machine, maximal length 6000 mm
  • 1 machine, maximal length 1500 mm

   Laser Equipments :

2 nitrogen laser cutting machines with a power of 6 000 Watts:

  • 1 laser machine

                   - Size: 3000 x 6000 mm   
                   - Thickness: 30mm stainless steel

  • 1 laser machine  

                   - Size: 2000 x 6000 mm
                   - Thickness: 25mm stainless steel