Cutting - Polishing stainless steel

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DVAI, the specialist of stainless steel, proposes the polishing of plates, flat cut items, rolled and bended items.

You establish the polishing grain (GR60 - GR80 - GR120 - GR150 - GR180 - GR220 - GR240 - GR320 - GR400) or the roughness value (Ra 3.2 µm - Ra2 µm - Ra1.2 µm - Ra0.8 µm - Ra0.6 µm - Ra 0.4 µm) and DVAI makes for you the polishing and the industrial cutting of your pieces by plasma, laser and water jet protected with a PVC.

Stainless Steel Polishing


DVAI proposes to handle the polishing of your pieces within the same production site.
Besides, whenever you wish it, you can know at which stage your order is.

DVAI has in stock cold-rolled sheet up to 6mm to enable the realization of the same polishing machine on thin material.

Technical Characteristics of Polishing

We possess two machines dedicated to polishing. These two rotating machines CNC with automatic polishing enable the polishing of the pieces.

Characteristics :
Polishing machine from D.500 to D.4500mm
Possibility of polishing many types of material :

          - Discs

          - Dished and flagged heads

          - Flat heads

          - Conical heads

          - Shells (nous consulter)

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