Shells - Welding

WELDING price request

DVAI offers the welding of stainless steel items as conical head, shells...

DVAI can supply the welding process system (WPS) and the welder qualifications (WQ).

Welding processes and welding qualifications (WQ):

Automatic welds at the plasma/TIG bench with WPS according to EN288 and ASME IX:

  • Thicknesses: from 2mm up to 10mm
  • Welding qualification WPS, according to EN288 and ASME IX

Flow welding: with WPS according to EN288 and ASME IX :

  • Thicknesses: from 12mm on

Manual welding with WPS according to EN288, EN15614, ASME IX: 

  • TIG Welding from 2 up to 16mm
  • MIG Welding from 6 up to 60mm

Welder qualifications

WQ according to EN287 and ASME IX for all welding processes.



Internal non destructive controls:

  • Visual control
  • Penetrant Testing (without Cofrend’s operator card)

Destructive / non destructive controls by COFREND2 operators:

•    Sample Macrography,
•    Weld Radiographies,
•    US controls of plates and welds
•    Penetrant Testing of welds,
•    Inter granular Corrosion test,
•    Resilience test.