How to cut metal plates ?

6 . 12 . 2019

The  stainless steel plate or a metal sheet cutting can be performed using several technologies which are available. All stainless steel cutting technologies present on the same cutting site is a major asset of DVAI. Laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC plasma cutting  and sawing are available in DVAI today.
In order to help you to choose the best cutting technique for your metal plate or your stainless steel pieces, we propose you through this article to see the advantages of each technique.


Laser cutting

DVAI has several cutting centers including a laser cutting machine with a maximum capacity of 3m x 6m stainless steel and of 30mm thickness. The CNC laser machining is a fast and accurate method that provides stainless steel parts with a tolerance (or accuracy) of +/- 0.5mm . This process is very suitable for cutting steel plate, and with the possibility to produce holes of a diameter equal to the thickness of the stainless steel sheet.



Water jet cutting

The water jet cutting is a speciality of DVAI with a double head cutting machine and two high-pressure pumps. With cutting capacities of 4.5m x 14m and a 5-axis head for cutting bevels directly into the stainless steel sheet metal, DVAI can ensure the steel plate cutting up to 200mm thick. The water jet cutting is very suitable for achieving clean draft ( fast cutting ) or finished parts (slow cutting) in stainless steel with great thicknesses.

The tolerances (accuracy) are of +/- 1mm for the fastest cut ( unfinished ) to +/- 0.15mm for the slowest cut (extra high quality).



Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is the process with which DVAI started its cutting activity. It is a cutting process very suitable for blanks or coins blanks to be machined. Cutting can be ensured, up to 60mm thickness on a 3.5m x 8.5m format. The tolerances on the plasma cutting are +/- 1mm for the thinner thicknesses and +/- 3mm for greater thicknesses. The inconvenient of plasma is the scorias after the cutting.



Saw cutting

Our cold sawing capabilities are capable of cutting plate sizes up to 6 000 x 3 000 x 150 mm. The process does not require the application of heat. The tolerance of this type of cutting is approximately +/- 1mm . The method can therefore only make straight cuts essentially rectangular stainless steel plates. 



Edge machining – Chamfering

DVAI has a 5-axis cutting machine for the chamfer on the stainless steel sheet at the time of cutting. The inclination of the head enables chamfering with  a 45 ° of inclination with respect to the vertical.




6 . 12 . 2019
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